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7 QTs

1. Iced coffee with a splash of almond milk. Preferably from Dunkin Donuts. I also bought the Toddy Cold Brew system; it's super easy (& cheap!). I'm having fun experimenting with the best coffee concentrate to water/milk ratio. 

2. Luke's voice. He is talking all the time now though at least half is undiscernable.  But it's so cute! And he acts as if what he's saying is totally clear. He's also starting putting a few words together like : Daddy work. Where go? Mama coffee. Also, he's totally mastered the goodnight kiss + luh you. Adorable. Cue heart melt. 
3. My parents are moving from Council Bluffs to a neighborhood in NW Omaha only 5 minutes from me. I'm pumped! The house is awesome and on a golf course and it's going to be great.
4. Oh yeah. Scott got a new job too! It happened right as Norah was coming so there were some potential paternity leave timing and insurance issues, but his new job (Nebraska Med) was awesome about it!!! He loves …