7 QTs

1. Iced coffee with a splash of almond milk. Preferably from Dunkin Donuts. I also bought the Toddy Cold Brew system; it's super easy (& cheap!). I'm having fun experimenting with the best coffee concentrate to water/milk ratio. 

(He's had a haircut since these pics)
2. Luke's voice. He is talking all the time now though at least half is undiscernable.  But it's so cute! And he acts as if what he's saying is totally clear. He's also starting putting a few words together like : Daddy work. Where go? Mama coffee. Also, he's totally mastered the goodnight kiss + luh you. Adorable. Cue heart melt. 

3. My parents are moving from Council Bluffs to a neighborhood in NW Omaha only 5 minutes from me. I'm pumped! The house is awesome and on a golf course and it's going to be great.

4. Oh yeah. Scott got a new job too! It happened right as Norah was coming so there were some potential paternity leave timing and insurance issues, but his new job (Nebraska Med) was awesome about it!!! He loves it so far.

A few of her newborn pictures :)
5. Norah gets baptized on Sunday! (Hopefully the gown Luke wore fits... because due to lots of family scheduling conflicts she's getting baptized over a month after he did. If it's too small... a white GAP dress will come to the rescue.)

6. I'm headed to a childhood friend's wedding tonight in Okiboji. I'm excited to see some elementary friends I haven't seen in forever!!! (And I'm only taking Norah, so it'll almost feel like a mini vacation since I won't be wrangling Luke the whole time.)

Latest ALDI find. They're SO GOOD. And good for you (as far as desserts are concerned :) )
7. A brand new ALDI opened up just a mile away from my house. I love that I don't have to trek 15 minutes away to get to one anymore! (Plus the aisles are bigger, it's super clean, and I haven't found any mold on any produce yet.) And.. their carts? HUGE! I can take both kids and even leave Norah in her carseat in the cart and STILL fit a normal weeks worth of groceries around her =) 

More quick takes over on Kelly's page. 


  1. Those are some seriously cute newborn photos -- which I don't always say easily. :) I am definitely going to be shopping more at Aldi when we're in Omaha so you need to send more of your recommendations! I never know what is good or a miss there.


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