Our home was in need of a major face lift this summer! We were so thankful to find a teacher at our church who does handy man stuff in the summer because he was AWESOME and affordable and truly such a blessing.

He (and some high school boys!) replaced a bunch of rotten siding, added trim boards, brick molding on every window, painted the whole house, and did a bunch of little things for us like fixing some stuff around the fire place vent and filling cracks in the patio cement. It took him over 2 weeks!

We also had 2 windows installed through Lowe's. (Not a great experience...)

We LOVE what our home looks like now though. It feels so great to be DONE.

Top: final product
Bottom: old 

See the rotten yuckiness?

New siding, all prepped for paint (it was warped and rotten under that window...)
In progress ... 

Final product with new windows, paint, and new gray front door too.


  1. I've said it before but I really love the color! Gray is my favorite for house you can probably guess cause that's what we painted our house too!

  2. I was looking for ideas for getting to know you activities for my fourth grade class and I came across a ball with question on it on pintrest. I tried to follow the link to your site but it wont work. can you please give me the full information for this? It looks awesome!

  3. It looks like the teacher did a great job. Who knew that the work could be done so easily? And being able to bypass the people at Loew's and support churchgoers is just an added bonus. Good for you! I hope that they can do more work for you in the future.

    Franklin Stewart @ Muller Exteriors


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