Oh, just a little update!

Little miss Norah is already 3 months (and some change) old. She's almost growing out of her 6 mo clothes and is on the fast track to size 3 diapers. Luckily for me, she's recently began getting up only ONCE per night.. anytime between 2:30-5. I haven't quite figured out what helps her sleep until 5, but I can totally handle a once per night feeding!

But... I'm back to work as of last week which means: pumping. GROSS. I hate pumping. Mainly because 1) I miss out on any socialization time with my co-workers since I can't eat lunch with them and I lose my plan times to pumping too (which means it's harder to get stuff done!) 2) Seriously less clothing options 3) So much stuff to transport and clean.

BUT. On the positive side: 1) I figured out how to pump while driving on my morning commute = time saver! 2) I'm currently making just enough so I haven't had to supplement yet.... we'll see how long that can last.

Luke and Norah are at a new daycare: an in-home! The lady watches a little 18 month old boy 2 days a week and a little girl (one of my friend's daughter, actually) the other 3 days. Plus she has a boy 1 month older than Luke and a 4 year old. So really, her kids and another 3. So far, it's great! I love that they're with the same people every day, Luke gets to sleep in his own room for naps, and the price! The only downside so far is that it's 10 minutes PAST our house in the opposite direction from work. On a -perfect- traffic day, it takes me 39 minutes to get there from work *crying face*.

Still trying to whittle away the baby weight... and man, it's a slow process! I've lost half of what I'd like to lose so far. (and I started really paying attention to food/exercise at the end of May.) My realistic goal is to be at my goal weight by December. Adjusting to being back in school has been hard though... I don't have nearly as much time to plan, meal prep, cook, shop, etc. as I did in the summer... nor enough energy after working all day! So, I'm still trying to figure out how to make it all work in this new schedule. Tips?

Also... is anyone good at errands? Maybe I need to let things slide, but there's usually at least 3 stores I need to go to each week! I go to ALDI for 90% of our groceries, but I haven't had good luck with meat and a few other items there, so I also go to HyVee. But then I also usually need something from Target (like lightbulbs or diapers) but I don't like buying all my groceries at HyVee or Target because I'm cheap and ALDI is like 50% cheaper. So do I sacrifice time? or money? OH THE DECISIONS A MOM MUST MAKE!

Last note. I bought a "bottom round roast" since it was on sale. EASIEST and tastiest crockpot dish ever. Rubbed garlic, salt, pepper, thyme on the roast. Put it in the crockpot over cut up onions. Added red potatoes, a bag of baby carrots, packet of onion soup mix, and 16oz beef broth. Delish.


  1. Gosh she is SUCH a cutie. I need to meet her in person now that we're in Omaha! :) And when it comes to meal planning...girl, I work from home and I suck at it...so I have no advice other than to say I don't know how you do it all. Seriously.


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