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If I had all the time in the world..

I would take a ballet class. It was my favorite dance class in elementary school, and I love how my body feels when doing similar moves in workout classes. So strong, yet graceful. 
Speaking of workout classes... I think one day (if I ever get to stay home), I'd like to become a Jazzercise or Zumba instructor. Jazzercise isn't nearly as fun, but the routines are also much simpler so it seems less intimidating. But I love Zumba much more-- it's SO fun! 
I'd also volunteer with a pregnancy resource center like EPS or do something to give of my time and talents to pro-life organizations.

I'd like to learn to embroider cute wall hangings...
AND I'd do all of that while listening to a million books on tape.


The Summer of Home Improvements!

Our siding is not in good shape, somewhat due to us being new homeowners who didn't realize it needed to be painted the moment a spot appeared or else it would all rot, and somewhat due to it being in crappy condition when we bought it four years ago. Anyway, a lot of thousands of dollars later, and our house is going to become dark gray with white siding! I'm still deciding on a door color... do I go with black? a fun color like yellow?

We also need a brand new deck because ours is rotten... another few thousand...

Oh and we need two new windows... another $1500...

So at this point, I figure we should just spend another $2500 and fix everything else in the house I dislike too!

Scott isn't quite so sure, but I'm trying to convince him to let a painter do the rest of our tall interior walls in the living room, add a tiled backsplash to the kitchen and get new countertops, and get new carpet in the basement + painting the wainscoting gray.... Hahaha.

Before and after ph…