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January in Numbers

7 = # of books read

3 = # of books I started and stopped (Calling my Name by Liara Tamani, The Inexplicable Logic of my Life by Benjamin Saenz, The Memory of Light by Francisco Stork). If I'm not into a book in the first 50 pages, I just stop... ! Do you stick it out till the end? Or do you stop like me?

3 = # of snow days!

21 = # of Jazzercise classes attended

Too Many = # of half eaten snacks by toddlers

6 = # of new recipes I tried! Some from this cookbook (Microwave Apple Crumble for One and Cumin & Lime Sweet Potato fries) and this one (Lasagna'd Hasselback Potatoes & Buffalo Chicken with Broiled Romaine), plus these chocolate zucchini muffins and these fish tacos

3 = # of family birthdays celebrated! My grandma turned 94, my sister is now 35, and my nephew is 6!

Overall, January was a pretty chill month. February is my least favorite month of the year.... so I'm hoping it goes quickly =)

7 QTs

My second three-day work week (in a row!) is coming to a close -- thanks to a snow day and a cold day. Weeks like this are nice, but also .. harder somehow.

1. So far this year I have read:
Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler = Non-fiction about how she found faith and eventually joined the Catholic Church. I read this really quickly, was intrigued with her story, but felt more explanation was needed at times-- like she mentioned having a hang up on birth control but then one event changed her mind completely, which felt a bit inauthentic to me but may have really been the case! God works is mysterious ways. (B+)

Dear Martin by Nic Stone = YA novel about an African-American boy who is navigating the world while encountering racism (B-)

The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord = YA novel about a girl who experiences a crisis of faith when her mom is diagnosed with cancer for the second time; I think faith is often missing from YA novels, so it was refreshing to read a realistic take…

Snow Day Delights

Every school in the area received a SNOW DAY today due to the chance of freezing rain, ice, and snow in the middle of the night. Of course, nothing really happened until about 8am today when it did start snowing and blowing. But, I'm not complaining =) 
I just scored all of this for my nephew's 1st birthday present for $20.03 -- which includes tax and free shipping! Once a month (usually around now) Kohl's has it's typical 15%, 20%, or 30% off sale (the coupon code for 30% is a quick Google search away. This time it's SNOWY30), plus they offer free shipping to Kohls charge card holders (JAN4FREE). AND this time, they had a $10 off $30 baby purchase (BABYSALE10). Plus, as always, everything was on sale to begin with. So if you need any 0-24mo baby stuff-- check this out!

Also-- I attempted to make an entire pot of coffee instead of drinking 3 kcups throughout the day... and I just cannot make coffee! Seriously. The first time it was way too weak, so I made it again…