Random 7 QTs

1. I miss blogging, but I normally blogged during lunch or part of my plan time at work, and this year I have a new prep.. so I have NO extra time whatsoever. At home, I'm not normally by my computer much and the Blogger app is yucky. However, I'm shooting out a quick hello into the universe today!

2. Norah is 4.5 months old. She got croup early last week, a quick dose of steroids, and acted her normal happy self. BUT HER SLEEP has been wrecked. I'm blaming it on the croup.. or maybe the 4 month sleep regression.. or her new ability to roll over.. I don't know. But she had been getting up ONCE a night for over a month.. and now we're back to like every 2-3 hours.

This has also led to her sleeping in our room.. because if she wakes up before 2am, I'm still in a major sleep haze and I honestly fall asleep while nursing her on the footstool in her room. Which sort of scares me, so I just bring her back into our room. Agghg.

3. Luke is freaking hilarious. He talks ALL the time and every day says a new word I didn't even know he knew. Yesterday he pointed at a motorcycle, proudly declaring, "Mo-ter-cy ... cle." He'll be two in LESS THAN A MONTH (Wha???) and is obsessed with all things truck: dump, mail, trash, moving, fire, monster, etc. And cars. And boats. And planes.

4. We joined a different parish (St. Vincent de Paul), and I'm sort of loving it already. I filled out an "interest" survey last week, and I've already had THREE people contact me about various ways I wanted to get involved. I'm pumped because I'm signed up to sing at one mass in October and I would've never gotten around to setting that up by myself for months. Saturday we're going to a "Pumpkin-Painting Pajama Party" sponsored by the Parents of Young Children group... we're hoping to meet some potential couple friends. Ha.

5. Our AC broke, Scott had to get two new tires, and my UNO grad class bill was due... all in the same week. WHY MUST ADULTING BE SO SPENDY? Seriously though.. a whole month's paycheck later...

6. I cannot get motivated to get back on the clean eating and exercising band wagon. I did SO WELL for two months.. and now I've been stuck for the last two. I hate how lazy I am some times!

7. I realize Christmas is forever away... but I LOVE buying presents for people. It's definitely one of my love languages. I've already been curating some Pinterest board wish lists for everyone in my family =) Thanks to Kohls' crazy awesome sales, Luke will be getting a 3 truck shirts and a set of construction equipment pajamas for his birthday.


  1. I miss your blogging! :) And agreed...they need to work on the Blogger app. I would get so much more writing done!


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