Current Favs

1. Dole Sesame Asian Salad Mix. I buy the family sized bag ($6.50 at HyVee) and split it into three lunches. I LOVE the mix of flavors, dressing, and crunchy things; the variety makes this fun to eat instead of boring like a normal salad... I've eaten this as part of my lunch every day for the last two weeks. The Chipotle and Cheddar version is a close second fav.

2. Dunkin' Donuts. I'm seriously obsessed. Last week there was a COMPLETELY FREE item every day of the week through their Perks App. Plus a free coffee after the Huskers get 350 yards of offense.. and basically free stuff all the time. (I've received a dozen FREE donuts THREE times now too. Not through the app or anything, but I order a drink and then they have leftover donuts to give away... SCORE.) I go way too much.

3. All American Boys.I read this book for my Young Adult Literature grad class... and I am a bit obsessed. Written in alternating perspectives, Rashad and Quinn, All American Boys tells the story of police brutality and racial inequality through the eyes of the black victim and a white observer. I loved how the authors made this story complex; the characters' voices were real and honest, and it leaves you pondering many things during this time of Black Lives Matter protests and National Anthem kneeling. Check it out!

4. Peach Pear La Croix
I'm glad I reconsidered my previous dislike of La Croix and jumped back on this bandwagon. LOVE it. Favorite flavors: Cherry Limeade, Grapefruit, Mango and Peach Pear. (Didn't love Coconut or Cran-Raspberry.) ALDI carries their brand of this in the liter sized bottles for only 59 cents each! And it comes in like 4 flavors.

5. Where do Diggers Sleep at Night?I checked this out from the library since Luke is in a truck-car-construction phase, and it was a hit! He points to every vehicle and says "Digger sleepin." "Ex-ca-va-turrr sleepin." "Boat sleepin." His little voice is so cute... I can't get enough.


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