Oh hey!

1. More flavorful than LaCroix in my opinion and a little bit cheaper.

2. Loved this book! I felt it accurately portrayed many parts of my own high school experience-- or at least the quest for identity, individuality, dealing with other people's expectations, etc. In the last few weeks I've also read:  Far Far Away by Tom McNeal (ehhhhhh), Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (same author that wrote Girl on the Train. I really liked this one too!), Variant by Robison Wells (good YA sci-fi/mystery).

3. I am almost finished with Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. It is equal parts shocking, fascinating, horrifying and heart-breaking. Seriously, go read it now!! Stevenson is a defense lawyer who helped death row inmates starting in the early 80s in the South. The book is half memoir as he retells some of the prominent cases he worked, and half his take on the judicial system, poverty, and race in the South. I am learning so much I wasn't aware of; I am continuously amazed at how racist and corrupt the judges and police were in the South... in the 90s! I have also started researching some of the cases he describes to learn even more.

4. Norah just had her 15 mo well-check (a month late) and is 93% for weight, 25% for height, and 79% for head. She actually jumped from the 10th percentile for height which is where she had been so far in her life! She is rocking 2T clothing, size 5 diapers, has an adorable little top ponytail, a bajillion teeth, and the squishiest thighs. She is sweet and sassy and started talking over night! She can say mama, uuke (Luke), bum bum (for Little Baby Bum which she watches on Netflix), more, please, cheese, dah (dog), and thank you. Plus she knows like 8 animal sounds and all of her body parts. Currently, she loves to throw "trash" away--- so I sometimes discover things in there that don't belong (like hand towels, baby wipes, and legos). 

5. Luke is a crazy man. We're still lazily potty-training; he always poops in the potty (hasn't pooped in his pull-up in over a month), but he still pees in his pull-ups often. He drinks like 10+ cups of liquid a day, so he has to pee all the time and I just don't remind him enough. He is super excited to get "big boy" underwear for his 3rd birthday in a few weeks, so maybe that will finally help him with this final step! He talks non-stop, loves "pop fireworks," bugs, chocolate milk, and "Little Baby Bum" on Netflix. 

6. I'm taking two grad classes for the first and only time at UNO and OF COURSE they are the two hardest classes I've had to take. Ugh. Trying to cram in 100+ page of reading each week, plus 8 weeks of tutoring an elementary kid, weekly 1 page papers, multiple larger papers, and 1 big case study project... Yikes. 

7. FALL IS HERE! Which means HUSKER FOOTBALL! (And eventually boots, scarves, and hot coffee. But not this week. Because it was like 96 yesterday...)


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