Well Hi There. This is Me, Procrastinating.

1. All of my UNO grad classes have been easy-- annoyingly so. They had me complaining about how much money I was wasting to learn nothing! So, when I had to take two classes this semester (when I had previously only taken one at a time), I thought it'd be a breeze. FREAKING WRONG. I'm dying over here as I sit at Scooter's gulping down my large black coffee hunkered down because it's open the latest (10pm!). I even made specific, achievable goals for every day of the week: 1.5 hours on most days, and a 3 hour chunk of work time 2 days a week. I'm still falling behind. Prayers for my sanity....

2. Scott has been great though! I've still been Jazzercising about 4x a week because I feel so much better mentally (and physically too, but surprisingly I've noticed so many mental benefits to this new consistent exercise routine)! He's been so accommodating and letting me sneak away for an hour a day + doing bedtime so I can start on homework before 9pm.

3. Luke is THREE. He loves: firetrucks, Super Wings (on Netflix), singing, books, his soft blankie, bugs, the moon, exploring, being loud, magformers + legos, and counting. He's consistently recognizing some letters (L, S, and O). Potty training is.. over? When are they officially potty trained? He's been rocking his Blaze undies for two weeks now with 3 total accidents? He's stayed dry at naps all week and just wears a pull-up at night (but wakes up dry half of the time). I actually find this stage rather challenging... if we walk to the park and play, what do we do if he has to pee??? There are no bathrooms there and takes 10-15 minutes to get home... #conundrums

4. So glad This is Us has begun again! Anyone else watch? and bawl your eyes out every episode?

5. My sister's wedding is in two weeks. Scott and I are singing two songs... that we haven't picked out or practiced yet. Yikes. I've just been so busy with grad classes and ALL THE GRADING. It's time consuming to grade 225 essays in a month... (Why I scheduled two essay that close together, I have no idea.)

6. I'm looking forward to Halloween! Luke will be a firefighter and Norah is an ice cream cone.

7. I've made this once a week for the last month. If you like brussell sprouts or butternut squash, check it out!


  1. Gosh, that's how I've been feeling lately with a freelance project I agreed to take on. Worth it but there is no free time left in the day and I miss it! :) The potty-training thing, I get you there. I had Kate wear pull-ups for awhile at the beginning when we went places I knew there wouldn't be a close bathroom, at least for awhile until she got the hang of it. Knock on wood but that system worked for us until she was confident! :)


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