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A random picture of Norah from her 1st birthday last month. 

1. For the last few months I've been reflecting on what is motivating -or discouraging- for me in terms of food, heath, fitness, etc. I think I'm kind of weird about a lot of it... but a few things I have discovered: if I buy sweet treats like cookies or ice cream, I will eat all of it in a few days. I have little will power over sugary goodness. But otherwise, I always get at least 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of veggies in each day (which I think is pretty good?).

2. Along the same "health" line, Jazzercise had free classes in May. I went 22x. I love the feeling of "cheating the system." It's normally $70 a month, so I took total advantage of it! And I just joined for June, July, and August as a teacher special. Surprisingly-- I've been going at 5:30am at least 2x a week and it's so energizing! I love that I can workout, shower, and drink at least part of my coffee before anyone else is awake. It seriously makes the rest of my day so much better.

3. One other thing... I started drinking 32oz of water each day in May. I have always been told you should drink HALF your body weight in oz (which would be like 80oz for me...) and I hate water. I never drink it. But I figured I could commit to ONE of my giant Methodist water jugs each day. And humbly, I will admit that I honestly felt better. In fact, I noticed a big enough difference that I'm now drinking 32-64oz a day... I know. I'm awesome. My body loves me for it.

4. Home Improvements... ugh. They finally started today! But by the end of July we will have mostly new siding, 2 new windows, a new deck, new basement carpet + tile, painted wainscoting in the basement, painted house, and new sinks in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms. I am going to be SO GLAD when it's all over. (And since Scott and I are NOT handy, the only thing we are doing is painting the wainscoting and doing some peel-n-stick vinyl. Ha.)

5. Iced coffee... yum. I've just been throwing some ice cubes in my now-cold-coffee around 11am and calling it good.

6. Never go to UNO for any degree related to education. It's a joke and a complete waste of money. So disappointing.

7. Any suggestions for awesome things to do or see in Waco or Dallas? Scott and I are going (for 6 whole days with no kids!) in July. I have a few restaurants (and obviously Magnolia) on the list, but otherwise we haven't planned much.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts for the day! =)

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  1. Oh man, I am the exact same way about sweets. If it's in the house, it's calling my name 24/7 and I just *have* to eat it all within like 3 days, I can't say no! I just started WeightWatchers which I've really liked so far but yeah, it's weird to find out the things that work or don't work when it comes to being healthy for each person. And I totally need to start drinking more water again. I was doing well for awhile and then just stopped.

    Norah is SO cute, by the way. Can't wait to see you guys at Rosary group this summer! If we ever make it there...we've been so busy!


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