Norah's 1st Birthday!

Norah turned ONE a month ago already. She's a delight!

Here are some pictures from her party =)
I was pretty proud of her month picture banner, but she has barely changed at all since month one!

"Under the Sea" theme, so I made everything have stupid pun names
My mom made delicious cake balls!

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She loved the cake! Ha! And she had about 3 headband changes throughout thanks to my sister. 

Some more about Norah:
She loves fruit, ham, hamburger, noodles, cheese, and graham crackers. (And uses a fork really well!)

She still has a bottle before nap and bedtime (with just whole milk). No more formula! Yay!

She is walking everywhere and climbing on everything.

Norah still takes two naps, usually totaling 2-3 hours and sleeps from 6:30pm to 6:30am.

Her hair is still too short for any sort of ponytail.

She weighs 24.8 lbs (94%) and is 28.5 inches tall (10%), which translates into size 5 diapers, 18-24mo clothes, and size 3 shoes.

We love her =)


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