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(One) After taking a career interest survey in my class, a 9th grade girl saw the result: "Homemaker." She remarked, "Oh wow. That means I have no skills," and laughed.

I may have had a similar response at age 14, but nevertheless, this made me really sad. For many reasons, staying at home during the summer is much harder for me than actually teaching. Being a "homemaker" requires an abundance of skills that unfortunately, few recognize. I'm not sure what all my thoughts are about this, it just stood out to me I guess.

(Two) Stranger Things moves soooo slowly. First season was okay. Now on Season 2, episode 4, it's finally getting interesting.

(Three) I am totally jumping onto the Christmas train .... really early. Sorry, not sorry. I put all of my Halloween decor away (a whole tote, ha) in hopes of Christmas decorating this weekend! Well, everything except the tree, which will maybe wait two weeks for.

(Four) Also, thanks to Rosie's Catholic Artisan Gift Guide, I found three presents so far from Pink Salt Riot that I am SO excited to give! This for my mother-in-law, this for my best friend because she has this bible verse tattooed on her foot, and this one for me because it's the verse tattooed on my wrist! I love all of it!

(Five) I've also been contemplating becoming an Usborne consultant because I love their books, but I was SO overwhelmed with grad classes, that I knew I just wouldn't be able to do it this fall. Now I'm not sure what would be a good time to sign up... but I love their Lift-the-Flap Nativity book and the Touch and Feel one.

(Six) BOGO Starbucks Holiday drinks. Perfect Timing. Delish. I may get one every day of the special and randomly share the free one with someone... Yesterday, I surprised my daycare provider with a latte, and today it was my husband =)

(Seven) Snappy book reviews:
Turtles All the Way Down by John Green = ehhhh, okay.
Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen = better than the last few of hers that I've read.
Replica by Lauren Oliver = typical page turner, told in an interesting split perspective, liked it!
Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker = interesting (the world consistently spins slower and slower....) but nothing really happens that's very exciting.

And here's a picture from my sister's wedding last weekend =)

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  1. WHA you didn't like John Green's new one? I'm amazed. It stuck with me for going on 3 weeks now. I'd love to hear a more in-depth review on what you didn't like!!!


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