Some New Recipes!

I haven't been doing a great job listening to my body this last month and have consumed all too much sugar and fatty carbs, so I'm consciously making a few healthier options this week. Here are a few recipes I'm going to try!

Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal Cups (I haven't tried them yet, but while they were baking Scott said twice, "That smells so good!". edited to add: no flavor. Even with so much cinnamon, they tasted like... nothing? It was weird.) & random smoothie concoctions (I always use greek yogurt, ice, milk/juice, a banana and whatever fruit I have -- sometimes I add peanut butter or chia seeds).

Lunch: leftovers or ham+cheese+lettuce wrap

Dinner: Hamburger Soup (edit: made for dinner--- delicious!), Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes, Chicken Pesto Vegetables + Pasta, and these Mexican Quinoa Wraps

Any suggestions on other types of protein/meat? I pretty much alternate between chicken and hamburger... with shrimp once every two weeks or so.


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