Clean Eating Challenge: Day 1

I'm four weeks out from Norah's birth date, and there is still a lot of extra weight hanging around (which wasn't the case with Luke!).

So starting yesterday and until vacation on June 25th I will be aiming to:
1) eat clean -- no processed foods, minimal grains/dairy/sugar, one or two diet cokes a week (techincally not allowed, but if I want to do this as a "lifestyle" change, it's unrealistic for me to give up my diet soda completely).
2) work out 30 minutes a day -- I won't have the "go-ahead" from my doctor for another two weeks, so I'll just be walking (and pushing a double stroller-- ohmygosh heavy and awkward) at the beginning before hopefully doing some at-home Turbo Jam or Zumba videos.

I'm hoping this will sort of "jump-start" some better habits and allow me to see some progress to help keep me motivated! We'll see. Also, since I'm breastfeeding I still need to keep up my calories. I'm not going to ever go hungry, but I am making myself choose to eat an orange when I'm hungry instead of chips.

My goal is also to post most days to hold myself accountable!

Yesterday was Day #1:
Breakfast: Fruit cup (pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, blackberries), Coffee
Snack: More pineapple
Lunch: Salad with carrots, celery, chicken, nuts
Snack: Banana chips + cashews
Dinner: Spaghetti Squash + Garlic Shrimp & Tomatoes + Broccoli


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