Norah is 1 month old!

Norah is getting cuter by the day :)

She sleeps for 4 hours at first, but then is up every 2.5 hours after that. She now wakes up, eats, and immediately goes back to sleep- so usually I'm only up for 15min or so. She takes rockin naps during the day too. Usually a 2-3 hour one in the morning and afternoon. Then the rest of the day she's awake or just dozes for a little bit at a time.

She loves to eat, but is rather lazy and takes her sweet time.

Norah doesn't like the bath or her carseat. She likes being swaddled, sung to, and being worn in the Moby.

She hasn't had a bottle yet because I've only pumped a few times (I. Hate. Pumping.). Tomorrow Scott and I are going out for our anniversary, so my mom volunteered to babysit and give her her first bottle then. Hopefully she eats and doesn't cry the whole time I'm gone. Eek.

Luke likes her 95% of the time. He gets her pacifier if she's crying, throws her diapers away, gives her kisses, and tries to pick her up (before I intervene!).


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