Final 21 Day Fix Results

The nitty-gritty deets: 8 pounds and 4.5 total inches lost (I took measurements on my arm (stayed the same), chest (-2), waist (stayed the same), hips (-.5) and thigh (-2).

Shakeology: I drank Shakeology every day for the last 19 days (Usually 5 oz coffee, 5 oz almond milk, ice, chocolate shakeology, banana, scoop of organic natural peanut butter, 1 T chia seeds). Other than it being rather delicious and feeling like a special dessert shake, I don't think I really noticed any difference in energy levels, curbed cravings, etc.

Is the product worth $5/day? No. But buying it allowed me to be in an online support group that I did need. Without the group and others posting their meals and sweaty selfies after workouts, I would've quit much sooner. Will I be buying another bag of Shakeology? No.

Bummers: Even though I've been rocking it and lost 10 lbs before vacation this week, still none of my clothes fit. (I literally have 1 pair of jean shorts that fit because I bought them 2 weeks ago at Old Navy. Otherwise, only gym shorts and leggings fit. Neither of my nursing friendly dresses or skirts fit either...) So, I ventured to Target and Walmart in hopes of finding at least 2 shirts and a pair of shorts to take on vacation and let's just say it was rather discouraging. XL swim suits were too small, size 14 pants wouldn't button... I know they're just irrelevant numbers, but when I'm used to wearing an 8 from most stores, thinking about buying a size 16 was too much.

Getting exercise in is still my struggle... if I don't go on a walk asap when the kids get up, then my only other real option is to do a workout video while they both are napping. But that's also the only time I have to really get anything done (dishes, baking, prepping dinner, cleaning, ME TIME, napping.. you know :) )

The Non-Scale Victories #nsv: My self-discipline really surprised me! I've never stuck to a diet change for more than a week. Ever. So the fact I made it over THREE WEEKS is astonishing. Every day I made choices that I couldn't believe I had the will-power to make: passing up homemade cheesecake and garlic bread at the same meal, not eating my favorite pasta or ice cream at Valentino's, going on a walk at 6:30am to ensure I fit my exercise in that day.. I mean really, am I superwoman or what? =)

As I head into a week of vacation, it's unrealistic to stick to my clean eating 100% because a) eating out and b) we take turns cooking meals for each other, so I will eat what is made for me. However, I do plan on limiting those indulgences and making the meals work for me as much as possible. (Example: When my sister makes burgers, I won't eat the bun or the chips!)

I'm hoping that after another 5 weeks I'll be able to fit into my work clothes!!

I would post my before/after photos, but.. no thanks :)


  1. You go girl!!! It is so hard for me to stick with something like major props to you. :) :) :)


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