Summer Playlist

There's definitely a certain "feel" to a good sumer jam: fun, care-free, danceable, happy. Here's my Summer Spotify playlist I put on to get me in a groovin' mood =)

1. Can't Stop the Feelin by JT
2. Pride by American Authors
3. Brand New by Ben Rector
4. Better Place by Rachel Platton
5. Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld
6. America's Sweetheart by Elie King
7. Wild Things by Aleesia Cara
8. Oasis by A Great Big World
9. Lost Boy by Ruth B (This is not a normal "summer" song, but I'm obsessed with it and I quite figure out why!)
10. Hallelujah by Andy Grammar

What are your fav songs this summer? I need to add more to my list!


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