Day 3

Breakfast: Coffee and Muffin en route to help at my sister's garage sale. (At said garage sale, Luke consistently tried to run into the street!! Ahhh!! Chasing after him sure felt like a workout.)
** Amazingly did not eat a cookie bar my sister had made... yay me!

Lunch: Salad (with carrots, celery, chicken, and nuts)

Snack: Fruit cup (cantaloupe, pineapple)

Dinner: Taco bowl (brown rice, mixed veggies, lettuce, taco meat and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese) -- rather delicious! 

Snack: a muffin

I almost made today a diet pop day, but told myself to wait an hour and see if I still really wanted it. Three hours went by and I had forgotten about it!! # win

I've only drank 50 oz of water though... aiming for around 90.

Workout: none. Oops.


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