7 QTs: Week 2

Week Two Recap!

ONE. Meal prep
is essential for me staying on track. I have no time to make lunch during the week between the two kiddos needing my attention; also, if I make my husband's lunch then he won't buy it (= save $$). If I don't pre-make salads, I will NEVER choose to make a salad when I actually get hungry, but if it's the only thing already made, then I'll eat it. I also pre-made fruit cups!

TWO. Iced coffee is my new jam. 

THREE. I've been trying to get in my daily walks, but I'm still finding it hard to get everyone on the same page at the right time, etc. I got in 3 this week!

Post walk selfie

FOUR. My Shakeology arrived Wednesday-- it is tasty. My favorite recipe so far: chocolate shakeology + banana + coffee + peanut butter + ice. Now is it worth the exorbitant price of 5.00 a day??? (which is what it costs after tax and shipping.) NO. But I needed a jump start motivator... full review to come. I've only had it for 3 days so I can't tell if it is affecting me or not yet,

FIVE. For our 3rd anniversary we happy houred at Railcar and feasted on roasted brussel sprouts, BBQ pork nachos, and pretzel crusted cheese curds. YUM! Plus I had a fruity martini and a Moscow Mule. Then we played Pandemic and devoured turtle cheesecake. Obviously, none of this was "clean," but it was all delicious and our anniversary was definitely a special occasion that warranted a calorie splurge.

SIX. Total pounds lost in 11 days = 6!

SEVEN. Kid pics!
Caught a smile! She's 5.5 weeks already!

Loving his water table on the deck

Obsessed with his balloon courtesy of HyVee
Happy Weekend!

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